...A future Blues legend...

Heart & Soul of a Blind Man 

Since he was a kid, he already knew inside himself that music would become a way of life.
He embraced it with a rare dedication and studied 7 years at the conservatory. He got all the formation needed to all musical styles. But soon, he will feel that he always had a crunch at Blues, the music of the heart.

So at his 16th anniversary, he paid himself a trip to the U.S., hitchhiking and exploring places and ended up in Chicago where he had his first real contact with blues. Then, coming back in Quebec, he started touring clubs and bars playing different styles of music like Yes, Supertramp, Joe Cocker, Pink Floyd and others. Blues slowly started to take a priority place in his performances.

Getting the Blues...

In 1984 he really got into blues when he performed with well-known harmonicist “Jim Zellers” and then formed the “Guy Cardinal Rubber Band” which lasted a year and got to play some gigs in France where people started to see a phenomenon in progress. He got back and in 1995 he started touring again and the blues taking more and more place in his gigs, blues fests started to hire him and from there the journey goes on.

From 2000, he started playing more of his own music in Mont-Tremblant Blues Fest and in 2003 he recorded his first album called “Simply Me”. Until 2005 he performed in many festivals in Canada.

Summer 2007 his latest fest was in “Ile D’Orleans” Qc where “Jeff Healy” was on the card. At the end of their own gig, they played together for and improvised fantastic performance that got the crowd on their feet. Guy is a keyboard virtuoso with a non-common dexterity that get music fans wonder “how can he do that”.

And the story goes on…………….!!!!!